I am alive

The past few months have been pretty exhausting . My studies require a lot of  effort and I barely have time besides Uni . Nearly every week I either have to do a presentation, write midterm exams or term papers as well as doing preparation for the upcoming lectures and of course having to attend allll the classes five days a week.  After two years without a real vacation I've been more than happy about my long-desired trip to New York . 
I just booked the flight spontaneously in the beginning of December and immediately found a great flat in East Village between Union Square and Astor Place. I can really recommend that location to  explore NYC  without the usual touristy attractions. It's close to SoHo and Tribeca but you can also easily get to uptown within a 15 min subway ride or just walk through the Lower East side and over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn .This time I also had enough time to enjoy a whole sunny sunday in Williamsburg and to be honest, there was absolutely no difference between a sunday in Friedrichshain and one in Williamsburg. Unfortunately , there has been a blizzard one day before my arrival,  so even though it was already mid march, I mainly had to walk around like an onion with big gloves , winter boots and always a bonnet on my head. But nevertheless,  I had an amazing time and it was definitely not my last stay in this beautiful city.


  1. Schön, dass du wieder bloggst! :) Viel Erfolg weiterhin an der Uni!
    Grandiose Fotos - New York ist so eine faszinierende Stadt!
    liebste Grüße, Nina


  2. Beeindruckende Aufnahmen!
    Jetzt habe ich übrigens Lust auf was Süßes :D

    Liebe Grüße,


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